Hope Community Bible Church
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Date: 2-9-14
Title: Honoring of Parents: The 5th Commandment
Text: Ex. 20:12


I. What are the Reasons to Honor Our Parents?

  1. Reality: The parallel of our parents to God.
  2. Respect: Submission to authority begins at home.
  3. Relationships: How I relate to my parents will affect every other relationship including God.

II. What are the Responses to Honor our Parents?

  1. Children primarily respond to their parents in honor by obeying them.
  2. Young People respond to honor their parents primarily by first accepting and then appreciating them.
    1. Acceptance of our parents is honoring them
    2. Appreciating your parents is honoring them
  3. Adults show their parents honor by affirming and not abandoning them in old age.
    1. Affirmation
    2. Not Abandoning

III. What are the Rewards of Honoring our Parents?

  1. The reward of individual life
  2. The reward of community land