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Date: 2-2-14
Title: The Sabbath: The 4th Commandment
Text: Ex. 20:8-11


I. The Remembrance of the Sabbath v. 8 “Remember the Sabbath…”

  1. The Point of Remembrance v. 8a
  2. The Purpose of Remembrance v. 8b

II. The Rest of the Sabbath vv. 9-10 “…In it you shall do no work…”

  1. The Pre-requisite of Rest v. 9
  2. The Requisite of Rest v. 10

III. The Reason for the Sabbath v. 11 “For in six days the Lord…”

  1. The Example for the Reason v. 11a
  2. The Exclusivity of the Reason v. 11b