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Our Hope’s Collection of Bible Study Sites

Like to study deep? You came to the right place! The following sites are of a more scholarly nature but shouldn’t be avoided by the layman who seeks to delve deeply into the historical/cultural/linguistic background of the Bible for a full understanding of God’s truth. Enjoy!

Old Testament Resources

OT Language Resources

The B-Hebrew Homepage Homepage for the Biblical Hebrew discussion group.
The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Searchable Aramaic lexicon maintained by Hebrew Union College.
The Dead Sea Scrolls The Library of Congress Exhibit, some good links to other DSS information.
Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts Hebrew manuscript Information and Guide to Hebrew Manuscript Collections.
My Hebrew Dictionary Now its yours too! Searchable Dictionary for Modern Hebrew.
Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database A new and ongoing work in the Hebrew language. Some other useful information and transliteration charts.
The Sumerian Language Page You are very cool to try a little Sumerian. Get out your clay and stylus and have at it. An interesting site with a Sumerian Lexicon and additional resources.
The Septuagint Online Full text non-transliterated Greek text. A little hard to read, but aren’t they all!?

OT Studies and Issues

Baalism in Canaanite Religion and Its Relation to Selected Old Testament Texts
Concise Old Testament Survey Page
The Genesis Flood Homepage Interesting page of information related to the flood and Noah's ark.
The Genesis Research Homepage Excellent and well maintained page on topics related to Genesis 1-11. Good graphics, a little technical.
Inscriptions from the Land of Israel Maintained by the University of Virginia.
Israelite Origins Chart form summations of various theories. Maintained by John J. McDermott of Loras College. Some other useful links.
The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Web Page University of St. Andrews created and are maintained by Dr. James R. Davila, Lecturer in Early Jewish Studies.

OT History, Archaeology, and Miscellaneous Sites

ABZU The University of Chicago's Repository of Ancient Near East Materials.
The Edinburgh Ras Shamra Project Study of the ancient city of Ugarit.
Encyclopedia of the Orient A-Z, only encyclopedia of N. Africa and Middle East.
The Library of Alexandria An interesting site and information about the LXX.
The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago Museum pictures, research archives, etc.

New Testament Resources

NT Language Resources

B-Greek Homepage Homepage for the Biblical Greek discussion group.
Center for the Study of Ancient Documents Maintained by the Oxford University center. Good links and helpful material.
Greek Word Search Page Also does French, German, Italian and Latin (English too!)
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Resources for the study of the NT maintained by Timothy Seid of Brown University.
Manuscripts, Paleography and Codicology Set of links to pages related to manuscript studies.
The Electronic New Testament Manuscripts Project with Greek resources.
The Nag Hammadi Library A searchable database of the Nag Hammadi texts.
! The New Testament Gateway Web directory of internet resources on the NT maintained by Dr. Mark Goodacre of Duke Univ. Very thorough but watch out for liberalism!
The Papyrology Home Page Excellent Resource for NT Manuscripts.
The Perseus Project Resources for the Study of Classical and Koine Greek and Indoeuropean.
Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words An A-Z searchable database of this bookshelf classic.

NT Studies and Issues

A Commentary on the New Testament from the Talmud and Hebraica The full text of the classic work by Bishop Lightfoot.
A World Without Q Is it even possible?! Good resources for Synoptic studies.
Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism Helpful source of articles and definitions.
Four Color Synopsis Interesting colorized harmony of the Synoptics in the Greek text.
New Testament Textual Criticism Run by Dr Mark Goodacre Dept of Theology University of Birmingham. A page of academic links to many pages dealing with textual criticism.
The Synoptic Problem Homepage
Qumran Fragment 7Q5 From Frank, a self-proclaimed ‘heretic’ and collection fanatic. A discussion of this fragment and the New Testament text. Not for the casual reader, very heady. But then again, is anything on this page for the casual reader? We think not!

NT History, Archaeology, and Miscellaneous Sites

From Jesus to Christ A web page based on the 5 part PBS Frontline series. Good site with a lot of information. Like maps, charts, pictures, etc.
The Letters to the Seven Churches Full text version of William Ramsey's classic work.
New Testament Gateway A portal of NT study sources maintained by Dr. Mark Goodacre Dept of Theology University of Birmingham.
Temple Mount in Jerusalem Studies for the location and history of the temple mount.
Resources for New Testament Studies by Rodney Decker Assoc. Professor at BBC in Clark Summit, PA. Semantics, morphology, the usual stuff.

Theology Resources

Apologetics and Cult Resources

Walter Martin’s Religious Infonet Site of renowned author of Kingdom of the Cults, many extra documents not found in his books, many audio messages.
Alpha and Omega Ministries Dr. James White’s site. Outstanding resources for refuting Cults, Catholicism and King James Onlyism. Little overly reformed though.
Applied Presuppositionalism Articles and materials from the late Greg Bahnsen.
Christian Research and Evangelism Refuting JW’s, numerous articles.
Operation Clambake: Exposing the Secrets of Scientology Humorous exposing of the false teaching of the Church of Scientology cult and L. Ron Hubbard. A lot of information and articles, not from a Christian perspective.
Stand to Reason Ministries Good articles from an evidentialist point of view. Excellent material on ethics. Lots of links to apologetics sites.
Utah Lighthouse Ministries The site of Gerald and Sandy Tanner, excellent material refuting and exposing Mormonism.
The Watchtower Observer The official site of ex-Jehovah Witnesses. Excellent material on this cult.

Catholic, Orthodox and World Religion Resources

Evangelicals and Catholics Together? by Dr. John MacArthur. Critical Examination of the ECT Document and its Ramifications.
Christian Witness to Roman Catholicism Excellent material confronting unbiblical theology within Roman Catholicism.
Virtual Religion Index

Other Theological Resources

Abstract of Systematic Theology Full text of this important Baptist work by Boyce.
According to Prophecy Ministries Donald Perkins web site, some sensationalism, but quite a few good articles.
The Ankerberg Theological Research Institute John Ankerberg, SBC apologist, very good.
Biblical Theology and Redemptive Historical Hermeneutics A site dedicated to the works of Gerhardus Vos. Valuable for the full-text documents.
Canadian Institute for Law, Theology and Public Policy Works of John Warwick Montgomery and others
Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics Quite a bit of good material here, including full-text pages of classic theological literature.
Classic Theological Articles From the Reformed perspective, classic articles by the Princeton theologians, Calvin, and others.
Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics The name says it all, there are a lot of good (and not so good) resources here.
Contemporary Theological Articles From a Reformed Perspective. This site has lots of outstanding material.
The Controversial Charismata A collection of online articles dealing with issues in the Charismatic movement.
Christian Cyclopedia The famous Lutheran Encyclopedia of theology and the Bible. Available full-text on-line.
Dispensational International Research Center Maintained by Tyndale Seminary, a growing work with some good resources.
The Fundamentals Homepage Full text of the significant four volume work. Other resources as well.
Has Bible Prophecy Already Been Fulfilled? By Thomas Ice, a thorough examination and refutation of preterism.
The Thomas Ice Homepage Online articles, mainly dealing with eschatological themes.
The Making of America Collection Making of America (MOA) is a digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. The collection is particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology. The collection currently contains approximately 8,500 books and 50,000 journal articles with 19th century imprints. The project represents a major collaborative endeavor in preservation and electronic access to historical texts. Contains a good deal of the Old Princeton Review articles by Charles and A. A. Hodge, and others.
Theological Studies.org Vast array of both links and other important resources for theological studies. One of the "one stop theological shops" best on the web.
Theological Resources Exchange Network Obtain copies and/or microfiche of theses, dissertations and society papers. Searchable database.
Wrongly Dividing the Word The Full-text work of H. A. Ironside's classic refutation of Hyper or Ultra dispensationalism.
The William Lane Craig Virtual Office Online articles and materials.

Bible Exposition & Translations

Online Bible Version Resources

E-Sword.net Free Bible study software designed by a Christian software writer (Rick Meyers) available with many versions, commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlas’, graphics and more. Worth $1000’s for FREE!
The Unbound Bible An Interesting Project from BIOLA University, several useful tools.
Bible Gateway Online sources for various English and Non-English Bible translations online.
Bible.net A large selection of online searchable Bible versions and concordances, unfortunately you have to listen to a poor rendition of "Dust in the Wind" in the background.
Latin Vulgate Text Learn Genesis 1:1 like this, “in principio creavit Deus caelum et terram.”
The NET Bible Online Bible, extensive footnotes, fantastic hi-res maps. The New English Translation, originally was available on the Internet as a work in progress. Good translation and critical notes.

Bible Commentary Resources and Issues in Hermeneutics

Bible Texts Online Bible Commentary An interesting online commentary linking passages to web sites. Color selection for fonts is poor.
Blueletter Bible Online searching of various English Bibles and some older commentaries.
The Christian Classics Ethereal Library A large repository of Christian texts. Somewhat cumbersome to navigate.
Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology Searchable database for this reference work.
Issues in Hermeneutics by Herman Hanko of Reformed Protestant Seminary, good overview of issues.
Philologos Online Religious Books Several full-text publications and popular public domain authors. Cutting edge e-book service.
Synopsis of the Bible John Nelson Darby's classic work. A survey of the entire Bible.

Bible Background Resources

Ancient Greek and Roman Coins Interesting page with good graphics and data. Numismatics are an important background study.
Ancient Near East Map Series Maintained by the University of Chicago, promises to be the premier web site for ANE maps.
Archaeological Digs in Israel Maintained by the Israel Ministry of Information, gives information on all the current digs going on in Israel.
Bible Places A Great site operated by Prof. Todd Bohlen of The Master's College IBEX Department. A great source for Bible location photographs and materials. These are undoubtedly the best digital photographs of site locations and geographic features of Israel and other Bible-related locations.
Biblical Hermeneutics Homepage Some good articles and links to be found here.
Biblical Studies on the Web Mainly Catholic Resources, but some good links and resources.
Biblical Archaeology Resources Maintained by the Biblical Archaeology Society.
Duke University Library Papyrus Archive
Jerusalem Institute for Biblical Exploration The land, language and literature of the Bible.
The Jewish Student Online Research Center Archaeological and background information, good graphics.
Links for Biblical Archaeology Excellent list of sites pertaining to Biblical Archaeology maintained by Karen Myers.
Pepperdine Institute for the Study of Archaeology and Religion Some very good resources here.
Dig the Bible Digger Doyle’s ‘really cool archeology sites.
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem Extremely useful site with much good information on the Temple Mount, including texts from Charles Warren's surveys.
World of the Bible Web Site of Dr. Randall Price. Good links and helpful materials here.

Archaeological Dig Site Homepages

Ashkelon Excavations Homepage
Bethsaida Excavations Homepage
The Jewish History Resource Center Many Jewish cities, Afek thru Yavneh-Yam.
The Capernaum Homepage
El Ahawat Excavation Homepage
Hazor Excavation Homepage
Hebrew University of Jerusalem Archaeology Homepage
The Meggido Expedition Homepage
Sepphoris Excavation Homepage
Shar'ar Hagolan in the Jordan Rift Valley
The Sardis Homepage
Tel Dor Archaeological Excavation Homepage
The Thessolonica Homepage

Church History Resources
Church Creeds and Confessions (listing in Chronological Order)

Ancient and Post Nicene Era (to 1516)

The Apostle's Creed and Notes
The Nicene Creed
The Definition of Chalcedon, 451
The Anthanasian Creed
Canons of the Council of Orange, 529
The Anathemas of the Second Council of Constantinople, 533
Statement of Faith from the Third Council of Constantinople, 681

Reformation Era (1516-1648)

Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses
The Second Helvetic Confession, 1566
The Thirty Nine Articles of Religion, 1571
The Canons of Dort, 1618
The Westminster Confession of Faith, 1646
The Westminster Larger Catechism, 1648
The Scottish Confession of Faith
The Canons and Decrees of Trent
The First London Baptist Confession of Faith, 1644-46

Modern Era (1648 to Present)

Second London Baptist Confession of Faith
The Philadelphia Baptist Confession, 1742
New Hampshire Baptist Confession of 1833
Charles H. Spurgeon's Catechism of 1855
Decrees of the First Vatican Council, 1880
Doctrinal Position of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, 1932 This site also contains links to other Lutheran confessional documents.
Documents of Vatican II
Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy One of the most important theological documents dealing with the Bible.
Catechism of the Catholic Church A searchable version of the most recent document of Catholic beliefs.
The Cambridge Declaration of 1996
Baptist Faith and Message The 2000 revision of the 1963 version. Along with past documents and articles.

Church History Documentation and Archival Resources

American Society of Church History Home Page
American Religious Experience Well done page of articles, resources and links related to American religious history. Useful, but eclectic.
Billy Graham Center Archives at Wheaton College Archival Records of Evangelism in the United States. Excellent American Church History Resources.
Church History Internet Resources
The ECOLE Church History Chronology Project
Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History
Early Church History Documents on the ECOLE Page
Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals Another fine site maintained by Wheaton College.
Internet Medieval Resources Links to the important documents and writings of the Reformation
ICL Net Guide to Church History Documents Full text of various documents related to Church History
Hall of Church History
Time Lines of Church History Scroll to the bottom of the page and access time-line charts of church history century by century. Fairly well done.

Denominational and Association Resources

Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
Anabaptist Web Page
Anglican Online Extensive site with many resources pertaining to the Anglican Church.
The Baptist Page
Baptist General Conference Homepage
Bible Presbyterian Church Home Page Some interesting articles and resources.
Desiring God Ministries The home page for the ministry of John Piper. Articles and audio files.
Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches
Founders Online Southern Baptist association committed to the SBC's original doctrinal positions.
General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC) Has some free books for download which are now out of print.
Independent Fundamental Churches of America Home Page
Methodist Archive and Research Center John Rylands University Library.
Orthodox Presbyterian Church Home Page
Plymouth Brethren Resources
Reformed Episcopal Church Online

Theologians: Biographies & Works

Church Fathers and Pre-Reformation Personalities

Saint Augustine of Hippo Home Page
Early Church Fathers
The Flavius Josephus Homepage
The Venerable Bede Homepage
The Gregory of Nyssa Homepage
The William Tyndale Homepage

Reformation and Puritan Personalities

Project Wittenburg: Works of Martin Luther
John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion Other selected works by Calvin as well.
The John Owen Homepage
The Richard Baxter Homepage
The Cotton Mather Homepage
Pilgrim's Place: A John Bunyan Archive
The Thomas Boston Homepage
The Jonathan Edwards Homepage

Modern Era Church Personalities

The J. C. Ryle Homepage
The Spurgeon Archive Maintained by Phil Johnson, the Largest Collection of Full-Text Spurgeon Material on the Internet.
C. I. Scofield and His Bible
The Harry Ironside Homepage
The J. Gresham Machen Homepage
The Martyn Lloyd-Jones Collection Home Page Text and Audio Collection from this famous British Pastor.
The Ray C. Steadman Library Full-Text and audio material from Dr. Steadman.

Pastoral Resources

9Marks 9Marks Ministries is heavy with Mark Dever articles, wants to help local churches re-establish their Biblical bearings and re-think their ministry methods.

Various Organization Resources

Strategic Training Resources A new organization dedicated to training pastors and church leaders in expository preaching. Helpful site with excellent goals and resources.
Associates for Biblical Research Excellent evangelical association specializing in archaeology and creation science.
Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
The Evangelical Theological Society
ETS Patristics Study Group Home Page
Near Eastern Archaeology Society
Home Page for The British Museum
Reformation and Revival Ministries
Radio Bible Class Ministries
Society of Biblical Literature
The Rutherford Institute
Thru the Bible Ministries The homepage for the late Dr. J. Vernon McGee. Audio files available, well maintained site.

Radio and Audio Resources

WMUU Radio Greenville, SC Beautiful sacred music, easy listening, audio sermons with a strong fundamental foundation.
WMBI Radio Chicago Radio from Moody Bible Institute.
KKLA Radio in Los Angeles
Family Radio Requires an audio plug in for your browser.



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